Conquer complex work with the simplicity of Scrum

From government departments to Fortune 500 tech giants, organizations around the world have adopted the Scrum framework to improve efficiency, deliver more value, and see workplace engagement soar. By moving to Agile self-organization, Scrum teams harness the creativity and knowledge of their members to achieve extraordinary and reliable results.

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Why choose Simply Scrum?

Certified Trainer

You’ll get training and coaching from a Canadian certified trainer. trainers meet extensive requirements and undergo rigorous assessments.

Real-world Expertise

Benefit from a trainer with real-world expertise as a Scrum Master in the government services sector who’s also coached nonprofit organizations and corporate enterprises.

Practical & Fun

Enjoy an invigorating training experience that goes beyond slides and lectures. Learning is fun and practical.

What our clients say

“I saw Jill’s passion and love for Agile Scrum development when she was my Scrum Master and later Scrum coach once I became a Scrum Master. She understands how the government sector is different, what the constraints are and how to apply Scrum in this environment. Jill cares about the people in her classes and wants them to succeed. She’s full of tips and tricks in applying Scrum and is realistic about the challenges her students face.”

Cristen Fidler - Team Leader/ Scrum Master, Canada Revenue Agency

“The scrum training that I received from Jill helped me understand how scrum theory applied in my day-to-day work. The training was fun and engaging, and the exercises were hands-on and helped me reflect on previous experiences. I understand how to do things differently now to achieve better results.

Naim Yagoub - Product Manager, Accreditation Canada